Happy Dog Boarding: Something to Wag Home About

Kathy Ross, dog lover and pet advocate, wants to give you something to “wag” home about. At her home-based four-legged community, Happy Dog Boarding, Kathy offers sitting and boarding services for your furry best friends. Residents or visitors to the Eureka, California area are invited to come by for a visit so you can see for yourselves what all of the fuss (and wagging) is about!

Dog Sitting Service

Because Kathy operates Happy Dog Boarding from her own home, she’s able to offer cut rate fees for her dog sitting service. Her gorgeous, historic, tri-level Victorian home, has been brought up to code and retrofitted with handicap amenities for ease-of-access for all of her clients. Kathy offers dog sitting services between the hours of 8 AM and 6 PM. Outside of those hours, she will board your best friends for as many nights as you need.

As for dog sitting, this includes ample playtime, both indoors and outdoors, two meals (breakfast and dinner), and healthful treat options twice a day. If your pet has special dietary needs, she’s happy to use the food and treats you provide. For dogs with special needs or social anxiety, there are private areas that still offer ample room to sniff around and play.

Dog Boarding Service

Happy Dog Boarding is well equipped to board your dog or dogs for up to six weeks, giving you ample time for vacation, work trips, or emergency events such as hospitalization. Kathy does recommend as short of a stay as possible, for your dog’s psychological and emotional well-being, but is fully prepared for extended stays.

Kathy has recently updated her kennel areas with 24/7 live feed cameras, so that you can check in on your pup any time and from anywhere. If your best friend isn’t in his or her kennel, you can log into the cameras in the public play and activity rooms to observe your pet’s daily routines.


Kathy is also pleased to offer a couple of new features: doggy obedience training and house breaking pups or rescues. These features are available by appointment only and are in high demand, so please make sure to plan accordingly and book ahead.

Next Steps

If your four legged friends need a home away from home, Happy Dog Boarding welcomes them with open arms and healthful treats. Email us for more information or to book your doggy vacation. We even have a place for contributing writers, so feel free to check that out, too.