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Hi there!

I’m Kathy Ross, doggy fanatic and proud owner of Happy Dog Boarding. I love all animals, especially dogs, so much so that I operate my dog sitting and dog boarding business straight from my own home in a historic Eureka, California neighborhood.

I’m so pleased to offer services to you and your canine pets. On the occasion of my 3rd birthday, I was blessed to receive my very own fluffy puppy, whom I promptly dubbed Princess Von Butterscotch. Apparently I was obsessed with my grandmother’s butterscotch candies at the time. Anyway! Ever since then, I’ve devoted my life to the care and love of dogs, and I find great satisfaction and fulfillment in helping you raise yours.

If you or your four-legged friends have any questions or would like more information about Happy Dog Boarding, please get in touch. I’d love to discuss your needs and those of your best friends. Before you know it, your Fido will call Happy Dog Boarding his home away from home.

See you soon!