Write About Dogs!

If you own or operate a pet related business in Eureka, California, or in the greater region, please email me. I would like to discuss with you an opportunity to write about dogs, right here on the Happy Dog Boarding blog.

Princess Von Butterscotch, doggy numero uno, and I are on a lifelong quest to learn as much as we possibly can about the proper care and handling of dogs. If you host a blog or run a business about pet lifestyles, dog health and nutrition, animal fitness and play, or anything else related to dogs, I invite you to contribute content. As you help to expand the knowledge base about dogs and pets, you’ll also receive an added benefit of promoting your own business. So please do get in touch. I look forward to working with you. Until then, I’ll be out there playing with my best friends!

Paw Prints and Wags,
Kathy Ross & Princess Von Butterscotch